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This is the story about the MMB Famous Maxis....

I filed my paperwork to start the MMB on 4/10/13.  In the beginning, I was just googling trying to find vendors to order clothes from for the boutique's collection.  Eventually I stumbled upon some maxi dresses, and I knew I had to have them.

I made my first order, and wasn't quite sure what to expect, since the vendors I had ordered from previously were so random, sometimes the item you received looked like the item in the picture on the internet, sometimes it was a knock off of that item.  When I received my first set of maxi dresses, I was delightfully surprised!  They were all that I hoped they would be, beautiful silky soft fabric with rich vibrant colors, and wonderfully crafted!  I knew right away I wanted these beautiful dresses to be around for a while.

After the first few maxis I received, I started thinking.... I need a name for these, like something in common for them all.  Then I thought, I love movies, I feel so passionately about some of them, I'd love to name them after a film they remind me of.  So I started trending every name after a movie, sometimes I'd spend a few hours online googling movies, watching trailers, reading about the films, trying to find the perfect name for each maxi. (I know, probably kind of ridiculous, but it was/is important to me!)

I came up with the collection "MMB Famous Maxis" because they are all named after a famous movie title.  All of the maxi dresses in the "MMB Famous Collection" are from the same designer in Los Angeles, California.  If you've ever owned an MMB Famous Maxi Dress, you'll know what quality to expect when you see "MMB Famous Collection" after an item's title at the Marlie Madison Boutique!

There are other vendors out there who sell the exact same dresses at 3x the cost or more, and I've been asked, "How in the world are you selling these at this price?"  Honestly, its the exact same item, from the exact same designer, but I would rather have my prices be reasonable, and have more ladies out there wearing these gorgeous maxis, than jacking up the price and limiting myself to the small clientele that can afford them. 

I'm also absolutely delighted that most of these gorgeous items from the MMB Famous Collection are available in ALL sizes Small-XXXL, again, not limiting me to a small clientele, but being able to serve many many more women out there!

There is only 1 maxi that has been around since the beginning of the MMB Famous Maxis, and that is the Bohemian Maxi.  The most famous of them all, from the beginning of the MMB, it isn't even named after a movie! If you see a maxi you love, grab it while you can, they don't stick around forever, especially during the holidays!  During the holidays I try to label them "Limited Edition" when I know that my original order, will probably be the only order of these - as the designer makes a limited qty of them, or doesn't restock the fabric he uses and moves on to another pattern!

Trying to think of my words here... I wouldn't call this a graveyard of maxis, instead, how about the Walk of Fame of Maxi Dresses?  Below are some gorgeous maxis carried previously at the MMB - that are no longer in production.


 Tomorrow Never Dies


 Azul (Before movie titles came along)

 Vanilla Sky

 Steel Magnolias

 August Rush

 Alice in Wonderland

 Boogie Nights

 My Girl


 True Gritt

 Diamonds are Forever

 Varsity Blues

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